Terms of use.

Cookies og personvernerklæring

1. In general

These terms of use apply to all services provided by Horde AS, including the Horde website and mobile application (the “services”). “Horde”, “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Horde AS ( 921 695 322, Lars Hilles Gate 20A, 5008 Bergen, Norway).Before you can use our services, you must accept these terms of use, register as a user, and have the legal capacity to enter into a contract. Please see our privacy statement for information about how we process personal data. The terms of use and our privacy statement constitute our agreement with you. In addition to the terms of this agreement, applicable laws will apply.Registering as a user is free of charge, and you may delete your profile at any time. Certain payment features are only available after an agreed-upon fee, which is communicated when you wish to use said features.You will always find the latest version of our terms of use and privacy statement via the app and our website.


2. Horde is a licensed payment company

Horde AS is a Norwegian payment institution licensed by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway.

In some countries, we provide payment services to you by using our Norwegian license (passporting), in others, the payment services in our app are provided to you by a licensed third party.

Your financial information is securely and lawfully handled, regardless of your country of residence.


3. Registering as a user

When creating a user profile in the app, you must enter your email address, phone number and create a personal pin code. The personal pin code must be confidential and never shared with anyone. You can also activate and use biometrics where possible.

As a security measure, you will receive an SMS from Horde to verify your telephone number upon registration.


4. App features

4.1. My money (Account overview and payment initiation)

You can add your payment accounts, transfer money between them, and make friend loan payments directly in the Horde app.

Accessing your account information requires your explicit consent, which you may retract at any time.

Horde and any third-party provider in connection to our services will never hold your funds and will only initiate a payment on your request, which your bank then executes.

We cannot guarantee that it is possible to connect your account and initiate payments in relation to all financial institutions in your country. Further, we cannot influence and are not liable for the terms and conditions stipulated by the banks, the way banks provide access to bank accounts, and for other possible restrictions, such as amount limits or the like.


4.2. Friend loan

You can register and manage private loan agreements with friends and family in the app.

The service is not a commercial marketplace but intended for users who know each other and easily want to manage private loan agreements. You can only use the friend loan service for personal, non-commercial, and legitimate purposes.

Horde is not a party to the loan agreement and cannot be liable for any matters related to the loan. The parties in the loan agreement are the lender and the borrower, who are solely responsible for all matters related to the loan, including the terms and conditions of the loan.

To prevent unwanted use, however, Horde may at any time impose restrictions on the use of the service without prior notice.

Both parties must approve the loan agreement with biometrics or personal pin code before it can be successfully registered in the app. If one of the parties does not have the Horde app or has notifications turned off, requests related to the friend loan can be sent via SMS.

If you make payments or changes related to a friend loan agreement outside of the app, you must manually register such payments or changes in the app for it to provide an updated and correct status.

Horde does not perform credit checks of the parties and can in no way guarantee a party’s financial ability or willingness to repay the loan. Horde is not responsible and cannot be held liable for the content of a friend loan agreement or that the parties comply with it.

By using the service, you accept that certain personal information, such as your name, telephone number, account number, and comments connected to the friend loan, can be displayed to the user you enter a friend loan agreement with. You further accept that if you delete the friend loan, your user, or the like, Horde has the right to disclose information about the specific friend loan to the other party, including that the user connected to the friend loan is no longer active.

Please see our FAQ for more information about the friend loan service and how it works.


4.2.1. Fee

If you wish to activate payment features in connection to a friend loan, Horde will charge a fee based on the total loan amount and duration of the specific loan. The cost will be calculated and visible when setting up the loan agreement and before approval.

Certain features, for example, if you wish to extend the loan period, might incur an additional fee, as the number of payments on the friend loan will increase.

Note that if you later decide to delete the friend loan, delete your user, no longer use the friend loan service or the like; this will not affect already paid fees. The same applies to early repayments and payments or changes made outside of the app.

Horde has the right to change the fee structure at any time and without prior notice. The fee structure may vary in different markets.


4.3 Action cards

We will notify you about relevant events in the app, for example, when someone has sent you a request in connection to a friend loan.


5.  Security

We store your data securely in our database. Communication between our endpoints is encrypted on isolated network layers. We have implemented technical and organizational measures for information security purposes, including strict access control for internal and external personnel.

Our partners and sub-processors are thoroughly assessed and must document satisfactory routines for privacy and information security through certifications, technology requirements, or other relevant documentation.

We strongly advise you to maintain high-security standards on your device.


6. Your responsibility

You are responsible for providing us with accurate, complete, and updated information and for keeping your personal pin code strictly confidential.

In case of lost or stolen mobile device, abuse of your user profile, or suspicion of abuse, you must contact Horde immediately at, or dial +47 55 90 29 00.

How you use our services and how you use or act on information you get from using our services is your responsibility and at your own risk.

By using our services, you agree not to reverse engineer, decompile, modify, or copy our software in whole or in part. You also agree to not attempt to access user accounts other than your own, impersonate other users or user accounts, or modify or intercept data between endpoints regardless of origin in our services.


7. Our responsibility / liability

Horde is not liable for financial and non-financial consequences and losses in case of force majeure. Examples of such unexpected and extraordinary circumstances are war, terrorism, natural disasters, cyber-attacks, malware, crashes in communication systems, subcontractors’ force majeure, and other unforeseen events that Horde could not reasonably predict or avoid.

Some features, such as “My money”, include services provided by a third party. Horde cannot be held liable for the services, products, advice, solutions, or the like, that a third-party provides to you in connection with our services or that they otherwise provide to you.

We cannot guarantee an error-free use of our services at all times. If bugs, errors, malfunctions, removal of functionality, or similar disruption occur in our services, we will try to correct this as quickly as possible. Still, we cannot be held liable for such.


8. Customer due diligence

Horde may, in some countries, be legally obliged to perform customer due diligence and carry out risk assessments when entering and during a customer relationship. When necessary, for us to be able to perform satisfactory customer due diligence, you must provide us with relevant information upon our request.


9. Electronic communication

By entering into this agreement, you accept that the agreement is entered into an electronic medium and that any changes to the agreement can be done in the same way. You further accept that Horde can contact you at any time about important information via the app, website, or email, for example regarding our terms of use or security matters.

For other inquiries, Horde can contact you if you have consented. We provide you with functionality to tailor your preferences for certain types of communication in the app or via a link in a received email from us.


10. Termination

If you want to delete your user, you can easily do so in the app.

Horde can at any time and without prior notice terminate our agreement with you and, if necessary, freeze, block or/and delete your profile, for example, if we discover improper or illegal activity of any kind connected to your profile.

Deleting your profile will permanently delete or anonymize data connected to you as a user.


11. Changes to the terms of use

Horde may change these terms of use at any time without prior notice. The latest version will always be available via the app and our website. You will be notified about major changes via the app, email, or push notifications.

If you do not agree to changes in these terms of use, you can delete your user via the app or by contacting us at


12. Contact

We would love to hear from you! Contact us by emailing or use our chat/contact form (available soon) on the website. Our support team will handle your request as soon as possible.

Please note that our support team only communicates and reply to requests received in English. Any requests received in other languages than English and Norwegian will not be prioritized.

Check out our FAQ if you have feedback or questions about our services.

Lars Hilles gate 20A, 5008 Bergen, Norway

Horde has a license as a payment institution from Finanstilsynet and is a member of Finans Norge.

© 2022 Horde AS. All rights reserved

Lars Hilles gate 20A, 5008 Bergen, Norway

© 2022 Horde AS. All rights reserved.